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Skilled Military Lawyer Represents Service Members & their Businesses

Working alongside veterans to pursue business and contract benefits

Mr. Busch of the Busch Law Firm is a veteran, as was his father, father in-law and other extended family members – including his son who is currently a Marine Officer on active duty. Not only does our firm understand government contracts better than most, we understand the military better than most. We also understand the needs and status of our veterans.

Veteran-owned businesses are a unique and important element in the United States economy. Therefore, veterans are an important element of the Busch Law Firm practice.

In support of that, the Government has created preference statutes that are focused on procurement opportunities for veterans or Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses. These Acts are designed to set procurement goals for veteran awards for government agencies, enable preference restrictions to only veteran-owned business competitions and award sole-source or set-aside contracts to veterans.

VA Contracts

There are two main programs established to provide veterans opportunities in the federal marketplace:

  • Veterans First Contracting Programs; and
  • Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Procurement Program.

These programs establish the procedures to make or challenge a preference certification status. Size, eligibility and ownership status are a few categories subject to review in a program or preference challenge.

Our service members deserve assistance in receiving preferred status, competing for government business, keeping an award and performing that contract. At the Busch Law Firm, we communicate with our veteran clients to understand their objectives and how those objectives can best support mission success – just as we did in our military training and service.

The Busch Law Firm can help you access the advantageous contract considerations for veteran-owned businesses. Richard Busch understands that these businesses contribute a great deal to the U.S. economy, and he is dedicated to removing obstacles to their success. Whatever field you are in, Mr. Busch always takes the time to learn about your business and your goals. From there, he develops a strategy that gives you the highest likelihood of success. As a veteran and the relative of numerous other service members, Richard Busch takes pride in delivering the representation and respect you deserve.

Related Experience

Recently, Mr. Busch was successful in representing a Veteran-Owned Small Business in forcing a re-solicitation of a contract for the sale of recycled metal from the destruction of an old chemical plant. After many years of the recycling contract being awarded to a large business under questionable circumstances, Mr. Busch was instrumental in forcing the Government agency to withdraw and to re-solicit multiple attempted “competitions.” As an experienced bid protest attorney, Mr. Busch’s work resulted in multiple investigations of the agency’s procurement actions for the DoD, SBA and IG.

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