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Government Contract Disputes

Ideally, you would never have a dispute during contract performance – but there are no perfect contracts. Government contracts are complicated and businesses are under pressure to perform, so government contracts attorneys are a necessity if you choose to enter the Government contracts arena. Trust the Busch Law Firm to represent you fairly and effectively in all government contract matters… including disputes.

The Busch Law Firm works with businesses in Colorado, the Rocky Mountain region, and throughout the United States in various industries to avoid government contract disputes. However, sometimes disputes arise before you hire a government contracts attorney and, therefore, you may find yourself in a sticky situation.

Do any of these sound like a problem you are facing as it relates to your contract?

  • Disagreement with the Government over the interpretation of contract specifications.
  • Disagreement over cost of changed work.
  • Subcontractor performance issues.
  • Delays in performance.
  • Government hindrance, lack of cooperation or improper contract administration.

Contract Dispute Attorney

Our law firm has decades of experience in government contract law and a wide network of industry professionals to assist in our client work. We also have a proven approach that protects our clients’ bottom line. Our process includes four steps.

Step 1. Understand the Issues: Contract Monitoring and Federal Contractor Requirements

You must understand contract terms and conditions and contract administration functions in order to resolve disputes with the Government. We will work with you to recognize and understand the following issues:

  • Solicitation risk assessment – learn to avoid and manage risk;
  • Performance Risk identification – learn to manage risk;
  • Contract interpretation;
  • Mitigation – be flexible to resolve performance problems; and
  • Disputes avoidance techniques.

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Step 2. Develop a Logical, Fully Justified Position and Present That Position in a Timely Manner

If the Government issues you a cure or show cause notice, you must give that issue immediate attention by quickly researching the circumstances and determine how your contract performance has been affected.

If you request a Contracting Officer’s Final Decision, there are certain timed events that trigger the escalation of a disagreement to a dispute.

Timely contract administration is critical for resolution of most disputes. We will advise you to attempt to resolve the conflict while it is an administrative issue in controversy. Confronting issues early is much less expensive, and you may see other contractual benefits to an administrative solution. Once a disagreement escalates into a dispute, you will likely lose the ability to recover the costs of resolution.

Step 3. Government Contracts Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative dispute resolution does not focus on who is right and who is wrong, but rather how to best achieve mission success. The Government’s policy is to try to resolve all contractual issues in controversy by mutual agreement at the Contracting Officer’s level before going to litigation. If negotiation does not work, neutral assisted negotiation with help from Mr. Busch, is usually successful with the Government.

Step 4. Prevent Future Disputes

Our mission is for our services to be an asset rather than a legal expense. While we are happy to work with clients facing government contract disputes only, it’s our aim to be your ongoing advisor in government contracts to protect and grow your bottom line.

To learn how we can help you avoid and resolve government contract disputes, contact us on 844-243-4198 to schedule a free consultation.

Related Experience

Mr. Busch’s client had a high technology contract with a classified agency. The performance baseline was delayed over changes to the original work effort and interpretation of the specifications.

Mr. Busch made an in-depth examination of the circumstances to determine the justification of the parties’ position. During this investigation and negotiation, Mr. Busch kept the parties from escalating the issues to a dispute or a “cure notice” being issued. Upon settlement, the Government was required to pay Mr. Busch’s client’s legal and expert fees as a resolution to an administrative issue and issue in controversy.